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Real Conversations with Imaginary People

Welcome to Project Woo Woo where comedian/yogi Lisa Orkin pretends to interview her favorite people from the world of self-help, spirituality, wellness, literature, and philosophy dead or alive with the help of showbiz friends who just happen to be world-class actors and comedians.

Dec 8, 2020

Who is Jim Coughlin:

Jim Coughlin’s religion is comedy. His philosophy is comedy. And his ethnicity is comedy. He’s been performing comedy since he was 13 and identified as Jim the Juggler.

Where to Find Jim:

Jim Coughlin Twitter, instagram, TikTok all @mrjimcoughlinFavorite Career Highlight:

My 1.5 seconds of fame in Anchorman as a member of Public Television in the fight scene.

Who is Jimmy Stewart:

American actor, singer. Known for his heartwarming drawl and everyman screen persona, Stewart’s film career spanned 80 films from 1935 to 1991 with movies such as It’s A Wonderful Life, Rear Window,  Harvey to just a very few.

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