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Real Conversations with Imaginary People

Welcome to Project Woo Woo where comedian/yogi Lisa Orkin pretends to interview her favorite people from the world of self-help, spirituality, wellness, literature, and philosophy dead or alive with the help of showbiz friends who just happen to be world-class actors and comedians.

Sep 11, 2018

Who is Alex Stein:

Alex Stein is a Virgo.

He is a writer, award-winning documentary filmmaker, and lover of the Northern Lights. He's the author of the essay collection NO, MR. BOND, I EXPECT YOUR DREAMS TO DIE and can be seen all over Los Angeles in bars, coffee shops, and theaters telling stories of longing, loss, and triumph.

Favorite Career Highlight:

Showing my Iditarod documentary MUSH to a full house at the Anchorage International Film Festival.

What is one thing you learned about the character you played?

You don't have to choose between wonder and logic (and if you welcome both into your life, wonderful things will happen).

Have you ever done yoga or eaten kale?

Yes, and yes. And even quinoa.

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