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Real Conversations with Imaginary People

Welcome to Project Woo Woo where comedian/yogi Lisa Orkin pretends to interview her favorite people from the world of self-help, spirituality, wellness, literature, and philosophy dead or alive with the help of showbiz friends who just happen to be world-class actors and comedians.

Oct 30, 2018

Who is Patrick Bristow:

Pat is a double Libra and an Actor, improv teacher, professional taker of naps and slave to his dogs.

Pat has made numerous television appearances including, Ellen, Mad About You, Shameless, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, Friends, Whose Line..., and CSI. He has voiced characters for King Of...

Oct 23, 2018

Who is Philip Proctor:

Phil is a Leo with a Gemini rising. Actor/writer/singer/producer/VO artist member of THE FIRESIGN THEATRE, The Antaeus Company, Howard on RUGRATS, “Where’s My Fortune Cookie?”

Favorite Career Highlight:

Library of Congress purchasing The Firesign archives for $500K


Oct 16, 2018

Who is Bob Dylan:

Ron Zimmerman is Bob Dylan a Gemini with Gemini rising as well as a writer, poet, comic, (his words) know it all, idiot.

Favorite Career Highlight:

Writing "the rawhide kid" graphic novel for marvel.

What Ron learned about Bob Dylan:

All Zimmerman's are not alike.

Who is Bob Dylan:

Bob Dylan is an...

Oct 9, 2018

This week we turn the tables and the spotlight is on our host Lisa Orkin. It's a get to know Lisa with the help of well you know Gayles friend.

Who is Lisa Orkin:

Lisa is a Scorpio with a Taurus rising and the host of Project Woo Woo.

Favorite Career Highlight:

Working with my dad in the studio creating funny...

Oct 2, 2018

Who is Sea R. Glassman:

Sea is a Virgo, of course.

Actor, Writer, Director, Improvisor, Creator of Worlds, Sea Glassman's acting mystery school, Soul Emergence: The Actor’s Process as Spiritual Path, takes creators on a journey deep within, enhancing craft and transforming lives.

She is in rehearsal on an explosive...